This is the last of the series of the common challenges. Doubt, doubt that it works. In this society where we want a quick fix, where we have medications to help overnight, if not immediately, we want our behaviors to change, now, yesterday. Change takes time, whatever behavior you now want to change, did not happen overnight. It takes time to get to where we want to go, both literally and figuratively.

Doubt is hard to work with, it can make us change decision, make us take an entirely different paths than we would have. Doubt will cause us to start on the path of change, and at times cause us to go back. Meditation works, it takes time. Paying attention without judgement, and on purpose is a muscle that takes a work out. In order to get to your final goal you need to work out that muscle and upkeep it. Think of it as a marathon training. You start with walking and running, then running for 3o minutes, and you progress up to being able to run a marathon. You will get there with determination and training, but at times you will doubt if this is worth the effort.

Meditation for this week: When the doubts come up, notice them. What are they telling you? Can you let them float on by, they will come up, you get to chose on whether to act on them. Doubt is normal and part of life. There is no need to judge the thoughts, they are just thoughts. They will pass. When things get too intense, remember that you can always go back to the breath.