Desire and Craving

This week we are continuing to talk about resistance to meditating and mindfulness. Last week was about aversion; the yuk face children make. This week we will talk about craving and desire. 

When I was first introduced to meditation/mindfulness I had this image of sitting cross legged on the floor, eyes closed, and imagined this peaceful feeling… and then I started meditating and realized that it is rare and far in between. Due to the nature of our world, Western society specifically, we are always on the go, and we want things to be different immediately, I did. Mindfulness makes us aware of what is, it will not change it. It does not mean that we as individuals are not feeling the desire to be more peaceful or energized or awake or calmer…..the list will go on. 

I have worked with many clients who report mindfulness does not work, when asked to elaborate they report that there minds was racing and they were unable to feel the feeling they wanted. I reminded the clients that it appeared that the mindfulness worked because they became aware of their current state. It takes time, and meditation will not change someone's emotional state immediately. If you started running today, you would not be able to run a marathon tomorrow, it will take dedication, work, and intention to training for it. Meditation/mindfulness is similar, this is a muscle it takes practice. 

Some meditations will be peaceful and some will not. You are not doing it wrong, you are noticing what is. 


Mediation practice for the week:

If you are practicing formal meditations, spend some time focusing on your breath and naming the emotions that come up. Try to not attach to them when they appear, instead name them and let them pass. 

If you are not practicing a formal practice, spend some time naming your desires for meditation and what you hope it will bring to your life. If you are able to know your desires it will be easier to work with them when they arise, you will not have to attach to them.