Mindfulness and Parenting

Any parent can attest to  moments where they are unsure if their child will live to see another day. This can be when they are younger and have cried for hours, toddlers whining, kid who will not follow direction, teenagers who are dead silent, even adult children who know it all. 

Meditation is nice and having 30 minutes of silence to yourself would be bliss. However, when you have a newborn or a teenager, 30 minutes to yourself may not be realistic. So what can you do instead? In times where formal meditation does not work relying on informal mindfulness can be a life saver. 

Learning how to breathe while paying attention to your thoughts, sensations, and emotions are life savers. The first step is to stop yourself when overwhelmed, and observe your body, thoughts, and emotions. Then taking three to five deep belly breaths. The last two steps are to expend your awareness to your body, thoughts, and emotions again and notice if anything has shifted for you, once you have done that you set your intent on how you want to respond to the situation. 


Homework for this week; try to do the breathing technique three times a day for seven days. Doing the exercise at meal times makes it easier to remember.  


Be Well.