Looking at my 15 month old son try to put the hose into the watering can to then be able to water thing, and watching him get frustrated and throw the hose. And then pick up the hose again, try, get frustrated and throw it away again. This scene repeated for about ten minutes. As I sit with him in his frustration I realize that though he is young, he is acting out the same way I have seen adults act out. He just does not use his words, but his voice is raised, he throws things, he cries, and he throws more things. 

Learning how to deal with disappointment is a milestone for adults, in fact mostly it is something we strive to learn how to work through. In times of disappointment having a basis in mindfulness is helpful. Breathing through the moments of frustration, knowing the emotions will pass, knowing the self-deprecating thoughts will move on, and feeling my body respond to the emotion and thoughts. 

As I watched my son, I was reminded of all the times that we as adults have raised our voices, have thrown something in frustration, not let people in, hurt someone, and the list goes on. Mindfulness allows us to remember that this will pass, this emotion will pass, and to make a decision looking at the situation can be changed, and if there is nothing to change, then it allows us to accept things as they are, knowing that life will change soon again.